Where are the best beaches on Oahu?

There’s no denying it – Hawaii is definitely home to hundreds of beautiful beaches, each of them having their very own special quality. But which ones should you visit? With over 100 beaches on Oahu alone, it can be hard to choose.adult sex toys
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In order to narrow down that list for you, as well as to give you a background on what each beach is good for, we’ve made a list of the top five best beaches in Oahu.

1. Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach

In the beach town of Kailua lies Lanikai beach, consistently rated in many surveys as the #1 or #2 beach in the World! So of course, it will occupy a very high spot for the best beach of Oahu also. This beach we absolutely adore: Lanikai! how to recover chk files windows 10 It is always so picturesque and beautiful. The beach is perfect for swimming all-year. Very near the shore are two islands that house bird sanctuaries; these islands are easily accessible via kayaking! Water sports may also be done in this beach, albeit only the ones perfect for calm waters: snorkeling, sailing and windsurfing. Also, the white sand makes it absolutely perfect to sunbathe. However, one should take note that the beach is between residential housing; as such, parking is very limited.

2. Kailua Beach


Approximately a mile from Lanikai Beach is Kailua Beach Park, never missing the list of Hawaii’s bests. Dr. Stephen Leatherman, also known as Dr. Beach, labeled Kailua as America’s Best Beach by far. It has a lot more parking than Lanikai beach, although be warned that on weekends it can still be nearly impossible to get a spot if you show up after lunchtime, try to get there early! It has miles of light-colored sand and crystal-clear water, making it absolutely perfect for relaxation. The waves are gentle; they might be good for learning how to windsurf or even kitesurf!

There’s also a volleyball court and a picnic area for families. There’s a local eatery called Island Snow, President Obama’s personal favorite! For lunch and souvenirs, we suggest you visit Buzz’s Original Steak House and Kalapawai Market makes world famous sandwiches perfect for munching on the beach. For this beach, we strongly suggest booking with a bed and breakfast or a vacation rental over a fancy hotel.

3. Sunset Beach


On the North Shore of Oahu lies this long beach that has constantly amazed both locals and tourists. During summer, the ocean waters are very blue and calm, making it perfect for swimmers! During winter, however, the waves become large, making the beach suitable only to experienced surfers. Fans of surfing may opt to visit even then, but are advised to stay on the shoreline and take photos of the gigantic waves and the surfers.

4. Waikiki Beach



Of course, the most famous of all of Hawaii’s beaches: Waikiki. It is definitely the spot for tourists. It’s two miles long, with white sand that’s filled with hotels that are connected by the boardwalk. Water is usually very calm, making it ideal for swimming, surfing, paddling, canoe racing and volleyball all year round. When visiting, one might also want to visit the Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium, which are very near the beach.

5. Waimanalo Beach


This beach stretches for up to five miles – from Wailea Point to Waimanalo. Its northern part is sometimes referred to as Bellows; it was once part of the air force base. To this day, this is still a popular vacation spot. Waters here can be rather rough, making it not very suitable to inexperienced swimmers, although because the break is near shore a lot of body boarders love it here! The vastness and scenery of Waimanalo, however, are so lovable! We strongly suggest this for boogie boarding, sunbathing, fishing and even just walking along the shoreline to relax. There are also a slew of picnic tables near the parking lot, a great place for a family BBQ.

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