Hawaii is home to a lot of good things – sceneries, the beach, the sunsets, among others, but what may be underrated and what may be often forgotten when planning a trip here is the food. Which, needless to say, is amazing.

The truth is, you can basically eat your way through Oahu. What’s especially “in” here is the food truck trend, and they actually have just about any cuisine cooked to perfection. And for your sake, we present to you our favorites.

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Leonard’s Bakery Malasadamobile

Leonard's Bakery

On the windward side of the island (thus, no need for trekking!) lies Leonard’s Bakery – very famous for its malasadas. Basically, you can have them rolled in cinnamon sugar or Lihing Mui and fill them up with custard, haupia or dobash. Of course, if it’s your first time here, we do suggest trying the original – it’s a classic heaven to one’s mouth!

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

If you’re at the North Shore, you simply cannot miss the shrimp trucks. The truth is Giovanni’s is so cliche, but as much as we’d want to suggest you into something less overrated, Giovanni’s really is the best in the shrimp business. Try their kahuku shrimp. The taste, texture and even the aroma are to die for!

Opal Thai

Opal Thai

If you think all the Pad Thai in the world tasted the same, then you’ve got it all wrong. This is perhaps the best Thai food there is, apart from mainland Thailand! The drunken noodles, green papaya salad and the crispy spring rolls are nothing short of divide. If you’re a fan of Thai, this truck is a must. If you simply love food or are simply looking for something to eat, it’s still worth the try!!

Laverne’s Lunch Wagon

Laverne's Lunch Wagon

While most people flock to Helena’s Hawaiian Food when looking for some authentic kalua pig and haupia, we suggest you try Laverne’s. They have kalua pig, fried saimin and long rice that are very delicious, but among all of these, it’s the smoked meat and edamame that we especially want to make you try.

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge is our go-to pie place. From sweet ones to savory ones, this place has definitely something to boast. The buttery crust is baked to perfection. For those of you fond of chicken pot pie, theirs is very delicious! For dessert, we suggest their chocolate haupia pie – kind of like the famous Ted’s Bakery.

Mike’s Huli Huli Chicken


This is how huli huli chicken should be done. We suggest even mainlanders to come visit this truck. Perfecting the grilled chicken bathed in huli huli sauce, Mike’s truck is definitely an island specialty. ¬†Every bite is succulent and to be devoured!

Dat Cajun Guy

348s (1)

For a cajun fix, there’s really no need to go far. Dat Cajun Guy is just around the corner. You can try their BBQ shrimp, which contrary to what the name suggests, is actually swimming in savory butter sauce. It has a spicy kick, and you eat it by soaking it up with french bread and rice. The sauce is so good, and the true secret to fully making the most out of it is having it with their sweet tea!

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