When in Hawaii, there shouldn’t be anything that should stop you from snorkeling. The waters are crystal clear, calm and soothing, but what’s especially beautiful among them are the creatures under – ranging from fishes to turtles, eels, dolphins, corals and even more. Some creatures can even only be found in the islands of Hawaii!

Here’s our list of the top Hawaii snorkeling spots:

Hanauma Bay, Oahu


Hanauma Bay


Definitely everyone’s favorite snorkeling spot, this bay is usually crowded! However, there’s no contesting that the waters are warm, clear, calm and absolutely refreshing! Lots of fish swim close by (and they’re super nice and friendly!). Hanauma Bay is very easy to access. Even in waters just waist deep, so many species of reef and Hawaiian fishes can already be seen. Snorkeling beginners prefer to stay in the shallow portions of the bay, but those with more experience may opt to pass through the reef to access the Witch’s Brew and a turbulent cove.

Ke’e Beach Park, Kauai



Ke’e is undoubtedly a good place for snorkeling in the summer months when the seas are calm. In the distance, the cliffs of Kauai’s Na Pali Coast can be seen. When snorkeling here, one can see a huge variety of colorful fishes and Pacific green turtles! The beach has a very tropical feel, with the back of the shore vegetated with lots of trees!

Anini Beach, Kauai



Essentially, Anini has very shallow waters. The reef appears to be extending infinitely (it has the largest reef on Kauai). The beach provides just enough opportunity to explore the underwater. While this beach is generally okay for beginners, one must simply be careful especially during outgoing tides. They tend to be harsh at times.

Makaha Beach Park, Oahu




Next to Hanauma Bay, this is Oahu’s other famous snorkeling site. The waters are ranging from clear to aqua blue, with currents superbly fit for snorkeling, especially during the summer. Underwater, one can find caverns, tunnels and arches. Creatures found underwater include octopuses, eels, dolphils, manta and eagle rays and tapes!

Kapalua Bay, Maui



On the north west side of Maui is this sheltered white sand beach perfect for snorkeling. On both ends of the beach are two reefs that make the snorkeling experience downright magnificent. The bay has calm waters: perfect for beginners and even kids! Getting into the water is so easy. Snorkeling can commence very near the shoreline. This beach is famous for its peace and beauty. And despite that, for some reason, it has consistently retained its uncrowded feel.

Queens Beach, Waikiki


Queens Beac


The best area for snorkeling in Waikiki is definitely Queens Beach (left from the beach in front of the Waikiki Aquarium sea wall). The beach bottoms are sandy. At about eight feet deep, you can already see fishes and reefs, although not so much of live ones. The rock walls are beautiful though. If it is not recognized, there may be a problem with the card reader or the SD how to recover sharepoint files card itself. We strongly recommend coming here during the summer months, when the waves are not up. When it’s safe, you can swim over the flat reef away from the beach. (We only suggest this to experienced swimmers; it will be about 20 feet deep). From here, more reefs and fishes can be found.

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